Editable attachment captions

You can now edit the captions of the attachments you add to your posts.

Editable attachment captions

We are introducing a new feature that allows you to edit captions in posts! This will give you even more flexibility and control over how your posts and padlets look. Only users with permissions to edit a post can edit a caption in that post. Take a look at this short video to see how it works

One thing to note: as a result of this feature there is a small chance someone will change a caption to trick others into thinking they are going to a different website than the one they linked to in an attachment. A harmless example of this is if I created a post with an attachment that linked to bing.com but then edited the caption to say “google.com”. Because of this, we’ve added the domain name for every link added as an attachment in a post so you have confidence in which website you’re going to before clicking.

N.B. Captions editing is available on our web apps and desktop apps. It'll be available on our iOS and Android apps by Aug 15.

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