Expanded posts, expanded possibilities

More is possible with the new expanded post view.

Expanded posts, expanded possibilities

At the beginning of space and time our universe was nothing but an unfathomably tiny collection of gluons and quarks bursting into existence and destroying each other and making more gluons. After some time and expansion the universe was millions of billions of kilometers wide and there were stars and black holes and a small blue rock with monkeys running around trying to eat and not get eaten. One day a few of these monkeys realized they could make a sound that meant ‘lion!’ and another that meant ‘run!’ and it became a lot easier not to get eaten by lions. The monkeys used this little trick to expand their tribe and soon they had less hair and taller skyscrapers and better wifi and their favorite software was called Padlet.

The story of the universe is expansion and change and Padlet is no different. Changes are coming to Padlet’s expanded post view.

New expanded post design

You are now able to open posts in an expanded view that takes up your full window. In this expanded view any file attachments will be enlarged in the center of the screen. This will give you the ability to focus on one post at a time and facilitate more detailed engagement with your padlets.

Here’s how it looks:

Here are some of the great features:

  • Hide or show the post’s subject, body, comments and reactions.
  • Comment and react to posts from the expanded view.
  • Move between posts using the navigation buttons or by pressing the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Copy a post’s unique URL from the expanded view. Share that link to send someone directly to a single post rather than the whole padlet.
  • View expanded posts comfortably at any time of day with dark mode support.

New expanded possibilities

The new design provides far more than an aesthetic improvement.

The new design also allows you to build presentations with Padlet with the help of the post navigation. If you build your padlet in order, with each new post as a new slide in your presentation, you can start from the beginning and click through them. Check out our padlet presentation of the planets here.

With this process you can use padlet to present complex ideas and interconnect them in a sequential story format. Just like the universe, not only are the possibilities with Padlet infinite, but they’re expanding.