Export and embed slideshows

Export your slideshows as images and PDFs. Embed slideshows on your websites and blogs.

Illustration of sharing options for a slideshow

Everything is more useful when you can take it anywhere. Cell phones are more useful than landlines. Laptops are more useful than desktops. The same applies to slideshows. You can now export your slideshows as images and PDFs. You can also embed slideshows on your websites and blogs.

How to export your slideshow

From your Slideshow, select the share arrow. This will open the Share menu. From here, select how to want to share or export your slideshow.

Take slideshows anywhere and everywhere

We originally built Slideshow to make padlets more useful. We wanted to give you a better way to present your content. In doing so, we created an easier way to generate beautiful presentations.  We realized that slideshows aren’t just a different way to see padlets, they are a valuable entity on their own. This is why we’ve added new exporting and embedding options, and this is why we will continue to expand slideshows in the future.

To see an embedded slideshow in action, check out our 2023 summer feature release padlet.