Friendlier downgrading

Padlet will no longer require users to delete or archive padlets if they downgrade their membership tier.

Friendlier downgrading

Savings Week isn’t just about helping you save money. We also want to make sure you save your padlets.

You’ll notice that the Neon and Gold membership tiers feature a limit on the number of padlets you can create. Previously, if a padleteer chose to downgrade, we required them to delete or archive their padlets until they were below the limit. Some padleteers with hundreds of beautiful padlets were asked to manually delete or archive until they were under the free limit of three.

No one wants to delete or archive even a single padlet they’ve worked hard on, let alone hundreds. We've changed our policy.

We understand that things happen and you may need to downgrade to a lower membership tier. The last thing we want is to separate you from the beautiful padlets you’ve poured your heart and soul into.

If you downgrade to a lower membership tier, we will not force you to delete or archive your padlets.

We have also removed the ability to pause your membership because you can always exercise the option to downgrade to a free Neon membership and retain access to the padlets you’ve been working on.

We believe that more padlets is a good thing. Feel free to make whatever changes you need to your membership and never worry about losing access to your wonderful collection of padlets.