Improvements to Safety Net: auto-moderation for images and video

Safety Net will automatically block unwanted images and videos.

Two photos of a young boy. One with flowers and a green check. One with a revolver and a red minus sign.
A visual demonstration of Safety Net's standards

In August of 2023, Padlet released Safety Net, which uses AI to detect and block posts with harmful content. When we first released Safety Net, it was only able to detect harmful content in text. In November, we updated Safety Net to moderate audio as well. Now, we have updated Safety Net to moderate the imagery in videos and files.

Safety Net acts as a moderation assistant for your padlet

When you set your padlet’s post moderation to “Auto,” Safety Net will survey the text, audio, and images on every post and block anything it deems harmful. Safety Net will then send the creator a notification requesting a final publishing decision.

We tried to tune Safety Net to block everything genuinely harmful without limiting productive engagement. For example, Safety Net will not block a beach-goer in a bathing suit, but it will block a nude swimmer. Safety Net will not block an image of a Roman soldier in uniform, but it will block an image of a gunman shooting someone. Safety Net will also block various hate symbols, as well as many forms of violence and self-harm.

Administrators can edit content standards

We understand that different classrooms and subjects may require different levels of moderation. This is why we allow Padlet for Schools administrators to customize Safety Net's image and video moderation standards.

A screenshot of Safety Net's moderation settings
Safety Net's Padlet for School moderation settings

In your school’s Content Safety settings, administrators can toggle whether Safety Net will block posts in various categories, such as violence, nudity, or graphic content, to align with your specific needs and policies.

By providing fine-tuned control over Safety Net's settings, we ensure you can maintain your ideal balance of safety and freedom in the classroom.

Safety Net is imperfect, so you remain in control

Because Safety Net relies on AI to make judgments, and because different people have different standards, Safety Net will make mistakes. It may block posts you deem safe and publish posts you deem harmful. For this reason, padlet creators will always retain control over publishing decisions on their own padlet.