Scanning links for malware

We scan all links. We remove the bad ones.

Scanning links for malware

Recently, we announced that we are scanning all uploads to detect malware. Now, we are also scanning all links to detect malware!

The internet can be a scary place: people are setting up websites for phishing, scamming, malware, and so on. While we encourage skepticism when it comes to links in forwarded emails from your great-aunt, we want to ease your mind when it comes to links shared on Padlet.

We are scanning all links that are attached to posts. If we detect a malicious link, we will remove it.

At our scale, we often rely on heuristics, creating simple if imperfect solutions to quickly solve our biggest problems. We say this to acknowledge that there is a small chance that we will flag valid links as malicious. The odds are low, but they're not zero. If that happens, we apologize in advance. Please send us a message through our contact form to let us know so we can fix our mistake.

Likewise, we cannot emphasize how much we rely on you to report malware that you find! It is not possible for us to catch 100% of malicious links and materials, but we feel that we can catch the majority. We will continue to improve the system to get more accurate, and your tips will help us improve this system faster. If you spy a malicious link in a padlet, please report it to us.

As always, thank you for helping us keep Padlet—and the internet!—a safe place of everybody. You can read more about our ongoing efforts to improve content safety at Padlet here.

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