New post style

More beautiful, more focused, more consistent posts.

Owl with a paintbrush in hand.

We are making a small but important change to how posts appear on Padlet. There are three main elements of a post on Padlet: the subject, body, and attachment. Previously, the order in which these elements would appear on a post depended on which format was selected for your padlet.

In a Wall format, the order of these elements in a post would go subject, then body, then attachment. Posts in the Map format looked slightly different with the order being attachment, then subject, then body.

This inconsistency is something we are not happy with. Posts should have the same beautiful look no matter which format you choose! This is why we are updating the look of posts to have the same order of elements across every format. Funny enough, the order we found works best across all formats is not what we previously used for Wall or Map, but a brand new order: subject, then attachment, then body. Now you'll see the same beautiful post style across all formats.

Changing the order of these elements may affect the content of some of your posts. For example, if a post previously said “as you can see in the image below” in reference to an image beneath the body, the image might not appear below that text anymore. We are sorry for these inconveniences but we hope you’ll love the new post style as much as we do.

Love, laughter