Report posts and padlets that violate our content policy with the new “Report” buttons

We’ve streamlined the process for reporting posts and padlets that violate our content policy.

A screenshot of the report panel atop a teal background

You’re a graphic artist.

For weeks you’ve been holed up in your tiny apartment grinding away on your next masterpiece. You’ve rejected invitations, you’ve barely been eating, and you don’t even remember the sound of your own voice. Photoshop is your only friend. Sleep is a foreign concept.

You’ve been grinding and grinding and now you’re finally finished. Victory. You confirm the final touches and post your beautiful creation online. You take a long, much-needed shower and by the time your hair is dry, you discover that someone has stolen your work. They’ve posted it on a padlet that’s being used to judge a graphic design contest.

Intellectual property violation is against Padlet’s content policy, so you’ll report it. Previously, you would have had to Google “how to report a post on padlet”, find our contact form, copy and paste the link, and describe the violation. Now, you can simply select the report button, and click through the menus we provide.

How to use the new report button

Reporting content is now a three-step process that takes place entirely on the padlet in violation. You select the report button, select the category of violation, and provide additional information.

Three screenshots of the report process atop a teal background

You can report violations in individual posts or on an entire padlet. In either case, you’ll access the report button in the menu provided when you select the three-dot ellipsis (...).

Our support team will evaluate reported posts and padlets, and if they violate our content policy, they will be taken down immediately.

Safety has never been simpler.