Clever, OneRoster, and ClassLink roster integration

Manage user access to Padlet with Clever, ClassLink, and OneRoster integrations.

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For large schools, manually rostering students on software tools is a huge pain. We don’t want any part of the Padlet experience to be painful, so we’ve created rostering solutions that will make it easy for schools to use Clever, OneRoster, and ClassLink to manage student access to Padlet.

Here’s how it works for each tool.


For schools that use Clever, we now offer automatic rostering and single sign-on.

When you link your Clever account to Padlet, your student data will automatically sync and update daily. Your entire Clever roster will have access to Padlet on day one, and if someone is removed from your Clever roster, they will be removed from Padlet as well.

Clever schools can turn on single sign-on, so that students and teachers can log in with a single click. Find detailed instructions on how to turn on Clever SSO here.

In the fall, we added support for ClassLink single sign-on.

As of now, we also support rostering through ClassLink. Just like Clever, you can now link your ClassLink roster to Padlet so that your Padlet roster is accurate immediately and updated daily.


For schools that don’t use third-party roster tools like Clever or ClassLink, we’ve also added support for OneRoster integration.

OneRoster lets schools connect their student information systems directly with Padlet so that your Padlet rosters will automatically reflect your internal rosters.

How to make it happen

To enable any of these new integrations, please reach out to our customer success team.