Schedule posts

Make your posts appear on a padlet at a specific time.

An illustrated image showing a post being scheduled

Sir Isaac Newton theorized time as an absolute and universal entity that flows at a constant rate. Albert Einstein proposed that time is not absolute, but flexible and relative. Today, Kristie Miller sees time as a four-dimensional block, within which all events occur simultaneously.

With Padlet, you don’t need to worry about what time is. You just need to know when you want your post to publish. You are now able to schedule posts to publish at a specific time in the future.

How to schedule a post

To schedule a post, create it as you normally would. Instead of publishing immediately, pick a date. You can choose any time in the next year. You’ve conquered time.

A GIF scheduling a post

When the time comes, your post will publish and your followers and collaborators will receive a notification and everyone will be amazed at your forethought and brilliance.

How you can use scheduling

If you’re a teacher, you can schedule a year’s worth of discussion questions on your class padlet and be done with summer prep. If you use Padlet as a community board in the office, you can schedule happy birthday messages so that you never forget. If you use Padlet to meal prep, you can schedule out your meals for the foreseeable future.

The future of scheduling in the past

We do not yet offer the ability to schedule posts in the past. We are hoping to release this feature in the future and to that end we are hiring for internationally renowned theoretical physicists. If that’s you, get in touch!