Shared tab redesigned for collaboration

The Shared tab has been relocated and redesigned to contain only the padlets you are a collaborator on.

Shared tab redesigned for collaboration

Collaboration is one of the most valuable tools a species can have in the wild. How much honey would bees be able to make without collaboration? Very little. How many picnic  crumbs would ants be able to steal without collaboration. Probably just one crumb per picnic given the speed of your standard ant and the length of your average picnic. Canadian geese wouldn’t be able to fly in their famous V-formation. That’s a massive marketing opportunity they’d be completely missing out on. They’d each be flying in a .-formation. Even the most stereotypically lonesome animal, the wolf, operates as part of a large pack. Collaboration is all around us and we humans need it as much as any member of the animal kingdom.

This is why we’ve redesigned the Shared tab to contain only those padlets you’re a collaborator on.

The old shared folder held a combination of padlets you’ve contributed to, padlets within your organization and padlets you’re a collaborator on. The new Shared tab is entirely dedicated to padlets you are formally set as a collaborator on. If you’re not familiar with this function here’s how to add collaborators to your padlet.

This way you can hone your focus on the honey in your hive, the crumbs in your colony and the prey your pack is chasing.