Upgraded attachment picker

Our new attachment picker has better buttons, shows previews faster, and looks prettier.

A screenshot of the the new expanded attachment picker
The new expanded attachment picker

The ability to post any kind of file as an attachment is a core component of the Padlet experience. When it comes to attachments, you rely on Padlet for versatility, simplicity, and beauty. You know that you can upload anything, you know it will be easy, and you know it will look good.

Given the importance of attachments on Padlet, we’ve upgraded our attachment picker to ensure that every part of the experience is perfect. Here’s what we changed.

Better buttons

A button works when its function is obvious and it’s easy to click. We’ve met these standards by making the buttons bigger, changing their shape, and improving their color contrast when highlighted.

A GIF of a cursor hovering over the attachment buttons
Title tags include keyboard shortcuts

We also added title tags that appear above each button on the post composer. These title tags explicitly announce the function of each button, so if you don’t know what a button does, you can always hover and read.

Keyboard shortcuts

Those of you who enjoy speed and efficiency will appreciate the new keyboard shortcuts for attachment picker buttons.

The keyboard shortcuts for these buttons are Ctrl+1-Ctrl+5, but if you forget, you can always hover and read them in the title tag.

Faster attachment previews

When you upload an attachment with the new picker, a preview of the attachment will show up faster. Previously, attachment previews only appeared when the upload was complete. Now, they will load progressively as the upload occurs.

A screenshot of an attachment preview during an upload
Attachment previews will now appear while uploads occur

This change has a functional advantage: you will notice wrong attachments sooner, saving you time. But it also has a human advantage: everything is better when it works faster.

Prettier background

Life is better when you are surrounded by beauty. Every time you open the post composer, you will be greeted by a beautiful hand-drawn background.

A screenshot of the attachment picker
The attachment picker

Why limit your exposure to theaters and museums? Introduce beauty into your daily routine. Let beauty be your background. Consciously or subconsciously, it will infect you and enrich your life.

Optional attachment prompt

We also offer the ability to add a prompt that instructs visitors on what to post.

A screenshot of the attachment picker with a prompt
The attachment picker with a prompt

The optional attachment prompt should be useful on padlets where visitors are beginners or where specific attachments are desired.

Are we missing any attachments?

If there’s an attachment type that you’d like to use on Padlet, please let us know. We think we have all the good ones covered, but we’re always on the lookout for more. Send suggestions @padlet on social media.