Auto-captions for video uploads

When you upload a video to Padlet, we will automatically transcribe it and add captions.

Auto-captions for video uploads
Image of a video player with captions.

Padlet now supports auto-captioning for video uploads. This will impact all uploaded videos moving forward.

Who can access auto-captions?

Auto-captions are available to all users, free and paid. They are also available to anyone watching videos on your padlet, including unregistered users.

Auto-captions are supported over 30 languages. Learn more.

What are auto-captions?

Captions appear at the bottom of videos. They provide a written record of the audio.

Auto-captions are created by automatically transcribing any words spoken in a video into text.

When can I access auto-captions?

Auto-captions are available immediately for all newly uploaded videos. Once you upload a video to Padlet, we will process the audio and generate captions automatically. Existing videos can also be re-uploaded to generate auto-captions.

Where can I access auto-captions?

When you upload a video, auto-captions are generated. To enable them, click the cog icon on the video player, then click "captions" and select the language. The captions will then be displayed at the bottom of the video player.

GIF showing how to enable auto-captions on video.

Why are auto-captions important?

Auto-captions help make video content accessible to all users, regardless of hearing ability. They are useful when watching videos in noisy environments and can aid comprehension for non-native speakers.

Auto-captions were originally on our roadmap for later this year, but we prioritized them to help Microsoft Flip users transition smoothly to Padlet as an alternative to Flip.

How do auto-captions work?

Last fall, we improved Safety Net, our auto-moderation feature, which laid the groundwork for auto-captions. With that update, we built a tool to create transcripts for video uploads. Since we had already built that tool, we just needed to integrate it with our video player to display the captions.

What comes next?

We will work on adding auto-captions to audio files. We will also work to support auto-captions in more languages.