Improvements to Safety Net: expanded oversight and customizable standards

We now offer control over Safety Net’s content standards and we’ve expanded Safety Net’s jurisdiction to audio, video, and comments.

An illustrated image of a shield over a pink background
An illustrated image of a shield over a pink background

We released auto-moderation to help padlet creators prevent harmful content with minimal effort. We use a technology called Safety Net that reads the text on every post, blocks harmful content, and emails the post to the creator for a final decision.

We’ve now expanded Safety Net in the following ways:

  • Safety Net will police comments.
  • Safety Net will police the spoken text in audio and video files.
  • Safety Net’s content standards will be customizable by the administrators of school accounts.

Auto-moderated comments

When you set your moderation settings to Auto, Safety Net will now block inappropriate comments. It will follow the same procedure as before: comments deemed inappropriate will be blocked and emailed to the padlet creator for review and final decision.

Auto-moderated audio and video

Safety Net will also police the spoken text in audio and video files. When you post an audio or video file, we will generate a transcript and pass it to Safety Net for judgment. Safety Net will moderate the post according to what was spoken.

To be clear, Safety Net does not yet police imagery, but it will block audio or video with inappropriate spoken language.

Customizable content safety standards

Safety Net blocks content that is inappropriate in any of seven categories. School administrators will now be able to turn off moderation for one or multiple of these categories.

A screenshot of the Safety Net content standards
A screenshot of the Safety Net content standards

If you use auto-moderation on your padlets and you find that Safety Net is frequently blocking posts that you are comfortable publishing, you may want to visit your Content Safety settings and turn off moderation for the categories you’re comfortable with.

For example, history professors teaching about war may want to turn off moderation for violence and weapons. Medical students may turn off moderation for drugs. Creative writing teachers may want to turn off multiple categories depending on the age level of students.

Your classroom, your Safety Net

Our goal with Safety Net is to keep learning environments safe, save time for teachers, and provide complete control. We only want Safety Net to block the content that you don’t want to see and even then, we always allow you to make the final decision.

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