Translated templates

All 254 templates are translated into all 42 languages supported by Padlet.

An illustration of a koala with language bubbles
An illustration of a koala with language bubbles

As a company with offices on either side of the world, employees from over a dozen different countries, and users from every corner of the globe, internationalizing Padlet has always been a priority.

We have always worked to translate our site and app, and last year our efforts expanded to our knowledge base.

We built 250 templates to help everybody get the most out of Padlet, and that effort wouldn’t have been complete without translations. We’ve done that work thanks to the power of AI.

Every time a new user loads their dashboard in a language other than English, we translate all template text with AI, cache the translations in our memory, and have them ready for the next person who uses Padlet in that language. The result is that every piece of text on every template, instruction note, and description, will be translated with minimal wait times and minimal error.

We do this so that anybody in the world can feel at home using templates.